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ILT 7955 Aligning Standards to Rigorous Work Stations (In District) (Sioux Central) (7955) Heidi McGuire 9/20/2017
ILT 7945 Applications & Implementation of the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Framework: Intensive Tier (Area-wide) (7945) Melissa Wurth 10/16/2017
ILT 7947 Applications and Implementation of the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Framework: Targeted Tier (Area-wide) (7947) Melissa Wurth 10/5/2017
ILT 7946 Applications of the Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Framework: Universal Tier (Area-wide) (7946) Melissa Wurth 9/21/2017
ILT 7978 Applied Leadership and Learning (Area Wide) (7978) Dr. Kevin Lein 10/23/2017
ILT 7968 Applying the Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) lens across all content (In District) (Humboldt/TR) (7968) Lucinda Boyd 10/18/2017
ILT 7937 Assessing and Improving engagement (In District) (Odebolt Arthur Elem) (7937) Mistaya Hoefling 8/18/2017
ILT 7986 Assessing and Servicing Students with Hearing Loss (In District) (AEA Only) (7986) Elizabeth Cooper 1/6/2018
ILT 7938 Authentic Intellectual Work’s (AIW) Collaborative and Reflective Practices (In-District) (Greene County HS Only) (7938) Teresa Green 9/27/2017
ILT 7952 Better Conversations in Coaching (In District) (Spirit Lake) (7952) Tricia Christopher 9/18/2017
ILT 7911 Boy’s Town: Well-Managed Schools (In-District) (Sacred Heart Staff) (7911) Amanda Woodall 8/18/2017
ILT 7993 Challenging Behavior Series: Improving Student Behavior Outcomes Through FBAs and BIPs (Area-wide) (7993) Glenda Harms 11/14/2017
ILT 7992 Changing mindset and method to create learning experiences that are engaging, motivating, and relevant (In District) (North Union) (7992) Ann Hansen 11/21/2017
ILT 7930 Coaching Cycle for AIW Depth of Knowledge and Student Understanding (Spring) (In-district) Spencer (7930) Jaymie Randel 3/11/2018
ILT 7928 Coaching Cycle for AIW Higher Order Thinking (Spring) (In-district) Spencer (7928) Jaymie Randel 3/11/2018
ILT 7932 Coaching Cycle for AIW Substantive Conversation (Spring) (In-District) (Spencer) (7932) Jaymie Randel 3/11/2018
ILT 7926 Coaching Cycle for AIW Value Beyond School (Spring) (In-district) Spencer (7926) Jaymie Randel 3/11/2018
ILT 7856 Cognitively Guided Instruction Year 1 Summer and Implementation (Area Wide) (Summer 2017) (7856) Annette Louk 6/26/2017
ILT 7974 Collaboration For Enhancement of Student Achievement (In District) (Humboldt) (7974) Tamela Johnson 10/18/2017
ILT 7908 Collaboration to Learn Comprehension and Vocabulary Instructional Strategies to Support Each Student (In-District) (St. Edmond) (7908) Linda Mitchell, Cindy Edge 8/17/2017